Solid Wiki Journal

Hey there, I am glad you found your way to my journal. I decided to journal the working progress of my thesis. I hope it helps me write the report later on. Still, more importantly, it might be helpful for you. Especially since the Solid project is in its early days. The specification is somehow in a proposal stage — documentation or information of interest for developers is spread on various location. Nevertheless, there are many examples and excellent Solid sample applications. Which helped me a lot to get in touch with Solid and implement some basic functionalities.

Primarily, this journal is about enlightening the obstacles I encounter and document my experiences. Hopefully, it guides other newcomers, by providing a foundation, which saves them from running into the same mistakes. So that as many new developers can start developing Solid Apps as quickly as possible.


31.01.2020 About my thesis

07.02.2020 Set up Solid Node Server

14.02.2020 Set up a Turtle editor

14.02.2020 Sync the dev environment

14.02.2020 A simple Solid Wiki data model

Coming soon